Tuesday, 25 November 2008

More Birds

Just a picture this time.
xox eve xox
Copyright © E Jennings 2008.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Life Is Good

I am happy.

Life is amazing really.
Just when you think you have things worked out you realize something new, something else, another way of looking at things. It is a constant journey, a never ending learning experience. I would not want it any other way.

I have had a lovely morning filled with little things that make me happy

Before he goes to work, Ben tells me how loved I am. I stretch and smile and tell him the same.
I dress and think of coffee. When I open the door I am greeted by Billy and Lola the little girls’ next door they have drawn me a picture in coloured chalk on the footpath to say thank you for the one I drew for them last night while they slept.

I walk to the bakery and George, on the coffee machine, smiles and says my name. We chat and laugh as he makes my, and ten other peoples coffees.

On the way home I stop in at the local corner store to pick up a few things. The shop keeper and I have a silly conversation ending every statement with the word – Please.

How are you please?

Have a nice day please

I walk towards home. Turning into our little street I see the chalk shadows that Ben and I drew last night in the middle of the road.

I smile a big smile

I put the key in the door and Lilly greets me with her ‘Pigeon Cat’ purr, she rubs her soft fur against my bare legs.

We sit together, the cat and I, in the sunny spots in the little back yard.

As the sun comes and goes, she cleans. I write.

It is good to be here, it is good to be alive.

It is good to be in this moment.

I am happy

xox eve xox

Copyright © E Jennings 2008.