Thursday, 17 November 2011

New Painting - Two Cars 2011

New painting - Two Cars 2011 (detail)

I'm bored, I'm the chairman of the board...

I am at work, I am sitting at my desk and I am plotting how I can get out of here and head home in order to snatch some quality rest time before I have to 'hit the gym' tonight.

OK so maybe that sentence was just a way for me to sound all fit and healthy and stuff (which I am not) or maybe it was a chance for me to sound like other, normal people. Like I am doing things that normal people there a point? Well, yes, yes there is but it is hidden so deeply in the subtext and my subconscious that I dare not let it see the light of day let alone the Internet...but I digress, what was I saying?

I am bored yes, but also excited to be able to post. I sent the IT department an email saying that there was something wrong with my computer, that I could not access web sites and that some of the links were blocked etc etc. I even went so far as to say that I could not access facebook (one of our departments has a facebook page so it was a legitimate request).

I received a nice email a few days later telling me that they had fixed the problem and could I please check to see that it was all fixed. My cunning plan had succeeded! My thinking was that if they allowed me to access facebook then everything else would become accessible too. So here I am.

Previously, when I went to my blog site I could not see any of the side bar info and could not sign-in to create a new post. Basically, I'm a genius.

On that note I will bid you adieu.

xox eve xox

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