Saturday, 29 March 2008

I Just Wanted To Post This Picture...For Some Strange Unknown Reason

This post is for Weasel,Flatmate and Bulldog just because i can..

xox eve xox
P.s. and because i think that Mark is reading my blog...This is for you too xox

Thanks for all the Kind Words AND An update.

Well... I think i am now somewhere between depression and testing.

Although,with possibly still a pinch of anger thrown in....

Shock stage: Initial paralysis at hearing the bad news.
Denial stage: Trying to avoid the inevitable.
Anger stage: Frustrated outpouring of bottled-up emotion.
Bargaining stage: Seeking in vain for a way out.
Depression stage: Final realization of the inevitable.
Testing stage: Seeking realistic solutions.
Acceptance stage: Finally finding the way forward.

My Dad called today,he lives in the country,to ask me- how i was going.

I said ..Fine (this was a lie but what can you say?)
He asked me- where was i staying.
I said that i was still at alans place, as i had nowhere else to go, and that it was a bit...uncomfortable having to be here.

He agreed and said that he would be in Sydney on tuesday and that he would talk to me then.
My father has always been short and to the point when on the phone but somehow always manages to convey the message.

After i got off the phone i felt a lot better


where as before i had felt like this-

Anyway that is all for now but i just wanted to say thankyou to those of you that left comments and words of really was touching and i had tears in my eyes...really i did..but then again getting me to tear up these days is not that hard...Really your words made my day and continue to do so,soTHANKS and MWAH

xox eve xox

Monday, 24 March 2008

The Squirrel is Sad...The Squirrel is Also Tough and Will Get Over It

Hey there...i think that there is something going around because i,myself,must now join the growing number of bloggers that say these words....
I will be taking a break for a while...who knows..all i know is that Alan has asked me to leave his house and our relationship...he has had enough of me...i do not know where i will go or how i will get there but i will survive...
I am too sad to write anymore but rest assured anytime i get the chance to use a computer(I'm using my brothers 'pudah right now) i will be catching up with what you are all up to and will try to post whenever i can.

xox eve xox

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Outdoor Sporting Goods AND A Giant Licorice All-Sorts Woman

I was just over at Local Girls place,reading about the stuff she has just purchased,and it made me think of my own experiences with-

CAMPING EQUIPMENT... [Dramatic re-verb]

OH yes! Camping gear.

We have a HUGE sporting goods store down the road.It is so big that they have all the display tents set up inside so you can 'check em out' Plus indoor climbing and EVERYTHING else that you have ever dreamed of all in ONE HUGE ROOM!!


You go there and somehow become quite passionate (sucked in) about something you have never even done,or even thought about doing.
And you begin to feel that you simply must have that Portable, Solar, Camping Shower with camouflage accessories, complimentary toiletries and SIX precision steak knives at "No extra cost"


Last winter i ended up with a pair of purple,black and white striped thermal underwear with matching top- A
s supplied to the something-or-other Olympic team and made out of some sort of super dooper, recycled, guilt free fibre that apparently, and i quote, "breathes"

I love wearing them,as when i do i look like a very tall licorice all sort!

I must say though that they actually are incredibly toastie in a breathe-e sort of way

And don't even get me started on just how fabby-do the bicycle section is.
I have never seen so many gadgets!


So near, yet financially soooooooo far...sigh..Oh well. I still have my licorice all-sorts/Where's Wally outfit...YAY!

xox eve xox

Post Script- My,so far,all time,favorite bike gadget is my little,super dooper head light (not it's real name!)
It is my favorite because when i was looking at it in a fancy schmancy bikes only shop... The salesman approached me and started telling me all about it and the other lights that they had on display.
I asked a few questions.
He sensed that he was loosing me...AND THEN, pointing at the little head light and showing me something printed into it's sleek,black casing
He said -"It's WATERPROOF to 50 meters"


This will so come in handy when i am riding my push bike*


*also known as-"The Deadly Treadly"

Monday, 17 March 2008

I Have 2 Pie-orit-ize

xox eve xox
I know it is not cool to explain a joke but ....

I just need to add that Chris said prioritise like this.....

N.B.6th of May 2008- i have since googled the words Pirate Eyes and that in turn sent me to The Urban Dictionary where upon i discovered a rather ,shall we say,different meaning for the expression-Pirate eyes...Go and have a look for yourself,you know you want to.
Just don't blame me xöx eve xöx

Friday, 14 March 2008

C.S.I Sydney and Frida Kahlo.

I am in the big smoke/city this fine morning and it seems to me that everywhere i look is some sort of crime scene.

For example the steps across from Sydney Town Hall look like people have been performing minor surgery and exuding other bodily fluids ,lets say, during the night and then it has been sort of cleaned up in a half hearted manner leaving only the tell tale stench and stains.
All you need is some police tape,creepy mood music and that glasses chewing guy from C.S.I and the picture would be complete.
[Cue theme music]

As i was waiting for the bus on Oxford street a woman walked past me. She was not tall but it was the way that she carried herself that drew my attention,sort of like if need be she could defend herself.It is hard to describe this woman without making her sound, somehow, less than she is.
I got on the bus and was trying to work out who she had reminded me of when two stops up the road she boarded my bus.It was then that i worked it out.I noticed just how much this woman looked like Frida Kahlo
Although in all fairness this woman did not have Frida's eyebrows(or should i say eyebrow?)
She was really quite tiny,although she radiated such strength.

I love people watching.
xox eve xox

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


For the last half hour i have been trapped at the computer table. Why? Well i think the picture is pretty much self explanatory...Ohhhh i thought, when i saw her moving at speeds that i am unaccustomed to, She has a cockroach.So i glanced casually to my left to watch her at play and there it was in all its tiny horror...A MOUSE.

Now let me just say at this juncture that as a child i kept mice and i loved them but there is something not so cute about a mouse running wildly around your lounge room/kitchen floor.

For a brief nano second ...O.K. heart went out to this ,shall we say,RODENT. It was just sooo tiny and she would chase it then stop and wait for it to recover and catch its breath and as soon as it so much as twitched a whisker they were off again whizzing around the lounge/kitchen/rodent race track. And all the while i am trapped,frozen in that t.v sitcom position,you know the one,perched on top of a chair squealing like,well like a BIG GIRL.
Then i thought that i would just not watch because no matter how many times i yelled-
"Lilly! Please just take your little friend outside to play" She just wasn't listening
(a cat not listening!!! Who would of thunk it?)
And it was then that the panic set in, not medically diagnosed panic just everyday panic along the lines of..... I will not look. But if i don't look what if it tucks itself behind the sofa and dies and then starts to smell and...and..oh the horror.
So i HAD to watch,well at least keep track of where the mouse know...
So here i am still trapped and that is why, dear friends, you have the pleasure of reading this diatribe/fulmination...
What will happen to me?
Will i be trapped here FOREVER? (forever being till Alan gets home at 5PM)

Oh just die already mouse...for crying out loud..stop bunging it on.
Run away .Run far far A-W-A-Y

xox eve xox

Saturday, 8 March 2008


Well? I wanted my blog to be a bit bigger.And this is allot BIGGER. Isn't it?
What do you think,too big?

I really just wanted to be able to post wider pictures and so far this is how i have managed to solve it...with LOTS of help from Kinta and this site.
Just a few more adjustments here and there and hopefully,soon, i will have this place just the way i want it...

Anyway....(warning positive thinking
When i have my NEW Laptop (i have never had a lap top, let alone anything near new as far as computers go) and i am finally able to use my drawing thingy on my computer and not have to save and swap and copy and upload and download and jump and turn 3 times whilst standing on one leg holding an get the picture...THEN i will be extremely satisfied.
As my birthday is coming up soon i am putting my wish out into the collective unconscious,the ether,the miasma,the universe-
I usually do not ask for much *cough* but this time, i am.
Like a kid at Christmas time ,wishing on a star.
I believe that magic will happen.

Enough no more.
xox eve xox

P.s.- i am NOT asking for any of you to buy me one.....I'm just putting it out there...that's all...this is not directed at anyone *cough* in particular...promise