Saturday, 30 May 2009

With Birds I Share This Lonely View.

I have been very quiet haven't I? I have been busy with three days at college and all that goes along with that. Today I am studying for my bookkeeping assessment...I'm trying to make bookkeeping fun...TRYING! 'Leave loading' and 'tax withholding' are such fun things and lets not even start on the hilarity of tax tables or I may just pee myself a little.

Let's see what has been going grand daughter is now almost 5 months old and she thinks that I am hilarious, she is just super dooper what more can I say.

I have been trying to avoid the 'ines' ie: nicotine, caffeine, morphine etc....just thought I'd share that with you all.

It has been raining for days and days and as I type this it is bucketing down outside....If this keeps up our fashions by the end of the week will be just FAB...I'm already running out of socks and jocks...that's me sharing again.

I have a nice big desk set up in my room and a groovy pin board that I am, I fear, a little toooo excited about.

One of my teachers said that she thought that I was a perfectionist, It was like she was informing me of some terminal illness, she even did the 'tisk' sound...I think that I can rise above these sorts of comments but this one has me wondering and reviewing my life and my shortfalls...It has made me think toooo much and this is not always a good thing for me.
It has stopped me from drawing as now I feel that the reason I could not draw for so long was because I was a perfectionist and why draw if it is not going to be perfect...ahhhhh
This is where my head has been for a while now.

Pfffffft Oh well thats about all for now except that I did want to say that one day I will have a groovy warehouse conversion and you can all come and stay with me when you are in Sydney on holidays or when fleeing from justice which ever comes first.

You are all just such beautiful people and I'm sending each and everyone of you a big squeezy hug....can you feel it?

xox eve xox

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