Sunday, 21 August 2011

I had a dream

In February 2010 I awoke and immediately began looking for my sketch book and a pencil. I drew the image I had seen in my dream, I made notes on the materials used and included every detail I had seen. I then proceeded to talk about it for days, weeks afterwards.

I sought out the materials needed. That beautiful origami paper received as part of a Christmas gift, an A3 piece of thick black card, a white chalk pencil, glue and other bits and bobs.

All these things I placed in a plastic bag, stored them in a dresser draw and promtly proceeded to procrastinate about getting around to actually creating the dream picture.

That is of course until today. Today I fished out the plastic bag and my sketches and did it. It's a strange image. It reminds me of slave ship pictures you see in history books and on documentaries except with a comic book/Japanese/zombie twist....if you know what I mean.

I forgot to take a photo of it prior to framing it so the image above is not that great - although you do get quite a good view of my self portrait reflected in the glass - I'll take a better picture soon and add it here another day, just for the record.

Well that's my news. Oh, except to say that I found an app that let's me blog and add images all from my eye-phone, how's that for sweet?

xox eve xox

Friday, 19 August 2011

I'm baaaaaaaa-ack!

Hey there people of the interwebnetsphere, how have you all been? Yes, it has been a whole year since I have posted anything new and for that I appologise. I have been busy. Since last October I have been working in local government, doing a job that I really love with some of the finest people I have ever met. I am learning everyday, about my community and about myself too. I have missed this blog terribly and all the friends I made along the way. I still keep in touch with at least one of you over at bookface - you know who you are - but I have often wondered what became of you all. With no Internet at home and a workplace Internet policy that either won't allow me to see your sites or sign into my own, I have finally resorted to typing this post up on my iPhone. Even then I am having to type it in the 'edit HTML' section and it seems I am unable to upload images, but hey, at least I'm here now and I'll try in future to add something at least once a least.

Well, that just sucks. I tried once again to add an image and it won't let me - boo blogger! Boo I say.

Well, now that the inconvenient store across the road has nice shiney 'puters, I will wait till another day and attempt to add some more "visual content" for your viewing pleasure. See how I used the inverted commas just then? That was highlight um - I'm trying to think of a word that is universally understood, but the best word I can think of is 'wanky' which has a similar meaning to tosser when used in its non-literal sense - look it up if you are not sure but trust me it was 'wanky'.

Till next time whence we meet again I must bid you all farewell. But know this, I love you all incredibly deeply so deeply that if I could visit each one of you even for a moment, or better still a cup of coffee then I would. I really really would. So, until that day stay safe and have fun (cause it's all fun and games until somebody looses an eye and we wouldn't want that now would we).

Lots of love

xox eve xox

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