Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Introducing Lilly

This is Lilly-pilly.What can i say she is a very funny cat.
She is a little bit plump and despite constant rationing of food remains so.

She can shake hands and spends most of her time curled up somewhere or lying flat on her back and i mean on her back.

She has taken to doing this more and more lately which has been quite fun and whilst in this position she will follow you around the room with her eyes.Perhaps we all look better upside down...who knows?
She enjoys short walks to and from her food bowl and will only drink running water- this is why she is often found sitting in the bath just waiting for someone to come in to turn the tap on for her.

Lilly is also some sort of karate expert/boxing kangaroo, she will sit upon her back legs and box with her front paws..this is her great party trick and has helped her to win over even the most hardened 'cat haters'

I am unsure of Lilly's provenance except to say that one day, 3 years ago, she just wandered under the gate and made herself a place both in my home and my heart.

Local rumor has it that she was seen outside the children's day care centre for quite a while and other tales have her walking the foot path outside the fruit and veggie shop....who knows? Actually speaking of tails hers is rather short (you can see it in the photos) Does anyone know why this would be? There is no obvious sign of injury and it is a splendid tail otherwise...
I just imagine that perhaps as a small kitten she did not get all the stuff she needed to grow so therefore ended up quite small in tail and stature...NOT in tummy though

Well that's all from me for now. My computer is very slow again so posting is now not so easy.....Although i just realised i am doing a days work for my brother tomorrow so i will top up my broadband then..HOORAY for brothers.

xox eve xox

Monday, 25 February 2008

Friday, 22 February 2008

I Have My Very Own Penguin

I got this little penguin today after seeing the link on another site. I looked at a few different animals and i must say it was a bit distressing.Why? I hear you ask...well I'll tell you. I looked at the hamster,i have always secretly wanted a hamster but they just don't have them in Australia.ANYWAY a nice jucy strawberry pops up for him/her BUT the poor little thing never gets to eat it it just follows the strawberry around with its little fury face ,hoping,praying for you to give it the damn freakin strawberry....Yes i know it is not a real animal but SHEESH it was just a little harsh i thought.So that is why we adopted/copy+pasted code for a PENGUIN at least he/she gets to eat ...in fact it positively stuffs it's little face.
Maybe we should all get one and start a penguin army and join forces to free (and feed) the hamsters...who's with me?

xox eve xox

P.s.Can you feed my penguin for me?

Thursday, 21 February 2008

I Swear it Happened Again! OR- How My Brain Works on a WHOLE Other Level

click on the image to see it....

I swear this is what i heard him say....."KOALA HOMES"

So...it happened again and i could not get back to sleep.I called my friend and she and i discussed what the koalas would be doing with Alan's old hair elastics and what a kind soul/philanthropist Alan was to donate his stuff to the 'Koala Homes'

I must add at this point that we were imagining koalas in their little homes or some sort of care facility run by koalas for koalas.....

xox eve xox

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

My Brain Explained....

MsCellania would be proud...

I was so sure Kinta said Monkey Ballet...i secretly wish she had said Monkey Ballet

As you can see i have cheered up considerably since this afternoon sometimes you just need to get it all off your chest.

I hope you like this little comic,
xox eve xox

PITY PARTY..just for me

I have no job(i am putting off taking in my police report-see previous post),i have no savings,i have no little pieces of paper showing any skills,i wasted my life thus far,my mum has dementia and has gone into a nursing home,my beautiful father is 87 but i want him to live forever,i am finding it very hard to get off my arse and get on with things,fear of rejection is a big issue for me....i dont think i should have used all those commas but who cares(i do thats who!)

AHHHHH now i feel better now the other side of me is saying ahhh shut up and just get on with it things are not that bad and you have people around you that love you and are offering to help in all sorts of ways....
BOY OH BOY- this blogging is great therapy..how much do i owe you?

Friday, 15 February 2008

My Beautiful Daughter has come to stay...YAY

My beautiful daughter has come to live with me and this has made me very very happy...it is a long story but she has been in Perth Western Australia for a while and i missed her terribly (i can not begin to tell you how much i missed her...sigh ) Anyway she is here now and it is just so nice, we seem to laugh most of the time and you just can't beat that.

She just makes my day. I really shouldn't write this but in the mornings i find myself getting impatient for her to wake up as i just want to see her and talk to her.She makes me happy, is what i am trying to say and i love her with all my heart.

Just so i can totally embarass her...she used to look like this -


There are no words to describe how complete i feel with her around

Knowing that she is not far away and that i will see her today,tomorrow,soon and not maybe,next time or next year

That's all. I just wanted to share my joy with everyone,and tell my child just how proud i am of her and how MUCH i love her...yay

xox eve xox(A.K.A xox mum xox)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Finally some recognition...

blog readability test

So i guess it is official...well according to this web site it is and who am i to argue,huh huh? I must add that i entered my Dead Mouse Comic and it would not even register which is pretty funny really,i wish they had a little picture that said that too..something like -This blog was toooooo LAME to even get a rating sorry!

ANYWAY i had fun doing this so i thought you guys might like to give it a go too.

Also i found this blog Post Secret CHECK IT OUT

Happy valentines day everyone...is there anyone out there?

Don't you love all the different fonts in this post?...SARCASIM

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Life.A pie chart (i love pie charts)

Actually i should of added blogging to this too oh well ...next time

Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Job Interview

i woke up WAY to early,like 6AM, and my interview is not till 2PM then i discovered i had my "ladies things" as alan puts it, so this day was NOT starting out as planned...

THE PLAN-Wake up at 8am refreshed and looking fantastic.
Choose clothing.Shower,dress.Train to interview.Interview.GET JOB

-Woke up at 6am.LADIES THINGS...My watch stopped.I have a zit(right before the big dance) and i am overly concerned with my eyebrows( i think i look like burt from burt and ernie)

i thought of ways i could make it ALL better i.e-all go away. I thought of calling the nice ,understanding and compassionate woman that was to do my interview and saying
"Hi could i change my interview to,like,next week cause as Alan says i have my ladies things?"
BLAHHHHH-stay tuned...
post script-i got the job pending all the relevent police checks(for those who know me...DONT LAUGH) gulp...i will let you know how it all goes
xox eve xox

Saturday, 2 February 2008

australia day(better late than never)

NO DRAWING TODAY...(SOB...my computer is moving at the speed of a tectonic plate and my wacom tablet has decided to work on everybodys computer except mine AHHHHH)
I went to Bronte beach with a friend of mine Ben

we had the now traditional sandwiches with ham, mayo, cream cheese,avocado and baby spinnach leaves.We also had lammingtons that we bought early on the day then we proceded to people watch pointing out the bad speedo and bikini wedgies,we exercised our democratic right to give dead arm (we did this quite alot) and we swam in the beautiful Bronte sea pool...we especially enjoyed watching 3 girls(a-la paris hilton) trying to assemble a B.B.Q with gas bottle.I think it took them 2 hours to have it 'looking' o.k but they never actually used it...ANYWAY i wish i had done the stick on tattoo thing like my friend
Amanda they look like fun..i will make this part of next years festivities

Believe it or not this post was PART of an enormous comment that i left on Amanda's blog...sorry about that Amanda. xox