Saturday, 16 August 2008

The Great Photo Conspiracy. EXPOSED.(and a drawing of a monkey)

Never in my life have I liked having my photo taken, NEVER...well perhaps there was a time when I was six or seven and once a few years ago but come to think of it both of these occasions involved professional photographers so I guess these occasions do not count.
But I digress.
For the last ten years I have activity avoided having my photo taken (sometimes to the extreme) BUT this morning I worked out just what has been going on. It was in the early hours, just after your alarm goes off for the 4th time and you are half awake but still half asleep, that it came to me, the answer to the question of-
“Why do some people ALWAYS look terrible in photos?”
AND HERE IS THE ANSWER....WAIT FOR IT....This will BLOW your mind
You are out with friends or family and a camera is brought out (wiped out more likely) you are actively trying to avoid the group photo but there is no escape so you surrender.
The instant that person depresses the button to take the photo TIME STOPS it is then that this group of people (sick sick people) from another dimension rush in and give you a middle part, puff powder all over your face just so you look extra pale and smudge black stuff under your eyes. Cousin Jack (or whoever) gets the “closed eyes and all teeth” look and other people are just plain out SWITCHED.
Then, the photo taken, all people are returned to their normal appearance as if these other dimensional pranksters had never been there.
Perhaps that’s where all the deleted photos go. Perhaps this is why they do it. All the photos ever deleted travel to another dimension and these PRANKSTERS they sit around and have a good laugh.
Perhaps this is the same dimension that all the odd socks go to... Who knows? Thats a story for another day.
Another one of lifes mysteries
Thank you. Thank you very much

xox eve xox
P.s. If anyone wishes to add some actual science type stuff to explain this I would be interested in what you have to say.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Stay tuned the GREAT PHOTO CONSPIRACY is about to be busted wide open.

Monday, 11 August 2008

A Beautiful Walk.

I went up to Dad's for a quick visit on the weekend. He seems to be getting along well on his own although I do think that he is a bit lonely sometimes without Mum.
Ben drove me up there and we met up with Rhonda and the dogs Bluey (pictured) and Bella and went for a beautiful walk along the creek near Dad's old place.
We saw lots of frolicking young steers (cattle) some fabulous wombat holes and just marveled at nature, it was great.
I did not want to leave.
In this picture, that Rhonda took, you can see Mt. Tinnagroo in the background.
This is all for now I have been a bit busy with my college course and also a bit down about the lack of comments (I know it is silly of me)
I know that lots of people visit but only a loyal few leave me a message...I almost deleted this blog last night but was talked out of it...It is only human to want feed back... Perhaps I need it more than most due to some kind of childhood trauma... WHO KNOWS?
thanks everyone,
xox eve xox

Thursday, 7 August 2008

My New Friend Rhonda.

I have an amazing, new friend.
Her name is Rhonda and she is very talented. More importantly though she is kind.
Rhonda and her beautiful son became my friends whilst I was staying with my father after he had had a nasty fall.
We had been introduced by a mutual friend, Dorothy.
Rhonda then became my friend too...She cheered me up, took me to Youth Club to draw with the kids, we went on a lovely walk along the creek and saw BIG wombat burrows.
She was patient, caring and compassionate.
Rhonda, with her positive words and sense of fun, helped me more than she knows, she helped me back to ME, to wanting to be a better kind of me, the me that was buried under piles of self doubt.
The me that had been lost for quite a while.
We have had very different journeys through life but had so much in common that it was simply quite amazing.
So this is to say thank you.
Thank you for being my new friend.
Someone that I am sure will become a very dear friend.
xox eve xox