Friday, 22 February 2008

I Have My Very Own Penguin

I got this little penguin today after seeing the link on another site. I looked at a few different animals and i must say it was a bit distressing.Why? I hear you ask...well I'll tell you. I looked at the hamster,i have always secretly wanted a hamster but they just don't have them in Australia.ANYWAY a nice jucy strawberry pops up for him/her BUT the poor little thing never gets to eat it it just follows the strawberry around with its little fury face ,hoping,praying for you to give it the damn freakin strawberry....Yes i know it is not a real animal but SHEESH it was just a little harsh i thought.So that is why we adopted/copy+pasted code for a PENGUIN at least he/she gets to eat fact it positively stuffs it's little face.
Maybe we should all get one and start a penguin army and join forces to free (and feed) the hamsters...who's with me?

xox eve xox

P.s.Can you feed my penguin for me?


bermudabluez said...

Your penguin is now STUFFED....I fed him MANY fish!! Dropped over from Chris' blog to say hello!

Beccy said...

My children love feeding and playing with those pets.

ChrisB said...

Eve I did a penguin who is now behind a link on my side bar believe it or not my hubby likes playing with these pets~he's a big kid~ well an old one!!

One Fine Weasel said...

am loving the penguin!!!!!