Friday, 9 May 2008

Drumroll Please.

It has arrived (oh ye of little faith)
It sort of looks like this but better and it has a little web cam thingy that is a bit frightening,i must say.
It's a bit frightening...there I said it.
I am going to visit my friend Stuart on Sunday and he will guide me,he will answer my queries in a soothing yet knowledgeable voice and apparently provide tea and cucumber sandwiches.
It has sound,it is fast and did i mention it has SOUND.
I am slightly over excited.
My Graphics tablet was the first thing that i loaded up and IT WORKS
xox eve xox
And,of course,tomorrow i will be purchasing a little bag for it to live in so that it is safe and sound,OF COURSE.


Bulldog said...

it looks really really posh! erm what is it? ;-)

Bulldog said...

hey wait a minute! where's your turkey/penguin/pigeon?

Secret Squirrel said...

compaq presario C700

and the bird went to god as soon as the lap top arrived...naturally

Bulldog said...

I meant what is it? looks to me like a pooter, only its smaller and blacker, and all in one piece! trés posh!!! (that's french for "kicks arse").

ChrisB said...

I tried commenting yesterday and the word verification was not working - looks fine today. Just wanted to say that the new computer looks great.