Thursday, 7 August 2008

My New Friend Rhonda.

I have an amazing, new friend.
Her name is Rhonda and she is very talented. More importantly though she is kind.
Rhonda and her beautiful son became my friends whilst I was staying with my father after he had had a nasty fall.
We had been introduced by a mutual friend, Dorothy.
Rhonda then became my friend too...She cheered me up, took me to Youth Club to draw with the kids, we went on a lovely walk along the creek and saw BIG wombat burrows.
She was patient, caring and compassionate.
Rhonda, with her positive words and sense of fun, helped me more than she knows, she helped me back to ME, to wanting to be a better kind of me, the me that was buried under piles of self doubt.
The me that had been lost for quite a while.
We have had very different journeys through life but had so much in common that it was simply quite amazing.
So this is to say thank you.
Thank you for being my new friend.
Someone that I am sure will become a very dear friend.
xox eve xox

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Bulldog said...

Any friend of yours is a friend of mine, d'you think she'd lend me a tenner till pay day*?
*hers not mine