Wednesday, 3 December 2008

One thousand small steps.

I am very excited and a little terrified, but in that good way... do you understand?
Next Wednesday I will be climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge...EEeeeeeep.
And it wont just be the usual over the arch climb it will be the new and exciting through the girders climb...don't ask me now what this means, ask me next week.
I am not sure about the rules for cameras and such but I will borrow one and I will take photos if possible.
I am a little stuck for words at the moment as I keep looking at this beautiful painting (above)
It is just amazing and even better in real life...[BIG SIGH]
I fear that this little adventure of mine could start me on a harbour bridge theme and I have only just started getting into the birdy thing...Just go with it I guess.
How exciting.
Are you excited?
I think you are.

xox eve xox
P.s- I just found this image on the web sight...Ahhhhhh

Copyright © E Jennings 2008.


Bulldog said...

that would be cool! how can you do that? can anyone do it or what? you need to tell us what time as I think there is a live web cam link to sydney harbour well call it the "eve cam". ;-)

marky mark said...

You will be swinging from the girders EEeeeeeep EEeeeeeep have fun monkey bird don't fly far x

Secret Squirrel said...

BD: Anyone can do it just have to pay...lots. Check out the web site (link on my post).

Is there a web cam? I am not sure.If there is I will jump around /wave in front of it just for you. We/you need to find out.

xox eve xox

I will be there next wednesday between 9:30am and 1:30 pm
They have an hours briefing and 'kitting up' and then the i guess an hour up and an hour back

Secret Squirrel said...

or say an hour and a half up and an hour and a half back!!!!!!!!!!!

B said...

that is all just way too cool.

If it were me I don't think I could resist breaking from the group though and running amuck...

Toooooooooo much fun for just a few hours.

Bulldog said...

I bet it's 1 hour 58 mins up. ;-) try this one, It doesnt work for me,(today) but I seem to remember its at the harbour.

One Fine Weasel said...

now that IS exciting! have fun!

Bulldog said...

did you get pictures?

Secret Squirrel said...

OH yeah,a really sexy group shot taken at the top that they give you for free...seriously B-A-D
No cameras allowed
xox eve xox

B said...

pah! no cameras?
Well I hope you etched it properly on your inner eye then.

Bulldog said...

well....... c'mon this is the most exiting thing that's not happened to me in months, and you're holding out?