Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Brilliant and the Dark.

We were sitting outside on the steps, in our street, talking, when a homeless guy walked by pushing a pram all loaded up with plastic bags full of little bits of rubbish, food wrappers, crushed cans and stuff.

As we watched him walk by I told Ben of how I had seen him before and that he cleaned up the garden beds in the little park nearby and how I wondered why he collected these things and Ben said-

"He's building a nest."

My mind raced. What a beautiful thing to imagine.

Where is the nest?

How big must it be?

How amazing it must look.

In my mind it is big and colourful from all the wrappers and bags he has woven into it, it is at least the size of Big Birds nest and it is so warm and cosy....I want one.

xox eve xox

Copyright © E Jennings 2008.


the blogger formerly known as bulldog. said...

I bet it doesnt have internet access.

B said...

I shall add to bulldog's antithalian* comment by pointing out it's unlikely to have a loo either... and wouldn't it be a bit sticky with those old drinks cans and sweety wrappers?

Otherwise, and if we are wrong about the internet, or somewhere to go for a poo, or, if it just somewhere to idle an afternoon, it sounds like a great idea!

Nice to see you are back :)

I swore I'd use that word before the day was over. Hoorah!