Friday, 19 March 2010


Hey everyone, sorry that I have not been here much lately but lots has been happening. College is hectic as it is the last semester...almost there, almost there BREATH.
My mother passed away on 7 March and we will be having the service on Monday, it is a very strange feeling and I am not to sure what to do with myself...I find myself thinking about her and remembering silly things and conversations etc.
My beautiful daughter is expecting her second child, a boy, in June (I think) which is exciting. My new home is just lovely and I am enjoying it but still find it hard to grasp that it is my own and that I will not be asked to leave.
On Tuesday my bookcases arrived and all my books are now out loud and proud. I am surprised at how a simple piece of furniture can make my life seem so much more together all of a sudden...does this mean that I am shallow? WHO CARES.
Soooooo that is what has been happening and much much more. I drew this picture for my Grand daughter, Bonnie in honour of her learning how to say the word "Puppy" I will make her a T-shirt too.
That is all from me but never forget that I love you all and think of you often, can you feel the vibes? Have your ears been burning? Cause if they have then that is me thinking of you. REALLY THINKING LOTS about you and sending you lovey vibes and big squishy hugs through the computer, into the miasma then up your nose and into your brain, yes, right into your brain... That's how much i love you...never forget that.
Be happy always
xox eve xox
P.s I miss the weasel :(
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marky mark said...

Hi Eve, I'm really sorry to hear your mother is gone, very sad. I know that even though her health was not the best in her last few years she would have been happy that you and your family were there for her.
Enjoy your new place, it sounds nice, have fun making it comfy (will the body corporate let you build a nest out the window like in the photo you posted last year, I would be impressed :)
your granddaughter will love them poopies xox