Sunday, 21 August 2011

I had a dream

In February 2010 I awoke and immediately began looking for my sketch book and a pencil. I drew the image I had seen in my dream, I made notes on the materials used and included every detail I had seen. I then proceeded to talk about it for days, weeks afterwards.

I sought out the materials needed. That beautiful origami paper received as part of a Christmas gift, an A3 piece of thick black card, a white chalk pencil, glue and other bits and bobs.

All these things I placed in a plastic bag, stored them in a dresser draw and promtly proceeded to procrastinate about getting around to actually creating the dream picture.

That is of course until today. Today I fished out the plastic bag and my sketches and did it. It's a strange image. It reminds me of slave ship pictures you see in history books and on documentaries except with a comic book/Japanese/zombie twist....if you know what I mean.

I forgot to take a photo of it prior to framing it so the image above is not that great - although you do get quite a good view of my self portrait reflected in the glass - I'll take a better picture soon and add it here another day, just for the record.

Well that's my news. Oh, except to say that I found an app that let's me blog and add images all from my eye-phone, how's that for sweet?

xox eve xox


marky mark said...

Hi Evieweevy,
Hey good to hear from you! youre baaa-aack. Well glad to hear the job is going well even if they don't let you have time out for a cuppa bookface, thats life i suppose.
I like the picture... hmm... they are not in bed because they are all wearing dresses... dollies in boxes perhaps? different anyway.
Dod you notice the feedjit thingy says Nashville Tennessee not Menai? hmm how do I do it :)

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