Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The good ship nausea.

My 21 year old daughter went on a cruise-not the island hopping type with on board romance and drinks with little umbrellas,no,this was a cruise down the south coast of Western Australia with her grandmother and various other matriarchs from her fathers side of the family(hell on water)...ANYWAY she boarded the ship in Fremantle and the first thing she noticed(besides instant sea sickness)was the amount of very drunk "old" people.She says that she feels like perhaps she is letting her generation down by not drinking these oldies under the table-i say BRING IT ON.
As she was feeling under the weather, and as her cabin was so far below decks it was almost underwater,she decided to take her first trip to the deck and fresh air-she was standing there ,minding her own business when a guy,some dude,approached her and said"hey, Pssst. Want some weed?" GREAT!
My only advice to her before she left was to know where the life boats were and not to accept drugs from anybody (I'm such a good mother) needless to say she arrived back safely after a week of sea sickness and having to verbally knee the dude in the nuts so he would stop asking her if she wanted weed...sheesh
Now she is no longer sea-sick she is land-sick or as we have dubbed it suffering from Boat Lag-you know that feeling when the earth,your bed,the footpath and everything continues to sway even after you have left the good ship nausea?


Beccy said...

Hi, I read a comment of yours on my mum's blog (chrisb) and thought I'd pop over.

It makes me laugh when it's the older generation misbehaving and the younger ones setting a good example.

theotherbear said...

Hahahahahaha....... I can't be;iebe she didn't take it ;)

PS was just about to tell you how to fix that links thing and see you worked it out. Go, girl!

ChrisB said...

Ah I see my daughter has been visiting you~ she likes to keep tabs on her mother's friends hehe!!