Saturday, 2 February 2008

australia day(better late than never)

NO DRAWING TODAY...( computer is moving at the speed of a tectonic plate and my wacom tablet has decided to work on everybodys computer except mine AHHHHH)
I went to Bronte beach with a friend of mine Ben

we had the now traditional sandwiches with ham, mayo, cream cheese,avocado and baby spinnach leaves.We also had lammingtons that we bought early on the day then we proceded to people watch pointing out the bad speedo and bikini wedgies,we exercised our democratic right to give dead arm (we did this quite alot) and we swam in the beautiful Bronte sea pool...we especially enjoyed watching 3 girls(a-la paris hilton) trying to assemble a B.B.Q with gas bottle.I think it took them 2 hours to have it 'looking' o.k but they never actually used it...ANYWAY i wish i had done the stick on tattoo thing like my friend
Amanda they look like fun..i will make this part of next years festivities

Believe it or not this post was PART of an enormous comment that i left on Amanda's blog...sorry about that Amanda. xox


theotherbear said...

Your comment totally demanded it's own post dear :)
Hope all's well with you guys. xo

Anonymous said...

FAR OUT THAT BEN GUY IS REALLY HOT...can i have his number?

secret squirrel said...

Anonymous-he sure is... and you CAN have his number-just send me an email via the link on my profile and i will send you his mobile
xox eve xox