Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Introducing Lilly

This is Lilly-pilly.What can i say she is a very funny cat.
She is a little bit plump and despite constant rationing of food remains so.

She can shake hands and spends most of her time curled up somewhere or lying flat on her back and i mean on her back.

She has taken to doing this more and more lately which has been quite fun and whilst in this position she will follow you around the room with her eyes.Perhaps we all look better upside down...who knows?
She enjoys short walks to and from her food bowl and will only drink running water- this is why she is often found sitting in the bath just waiting for someone to come in to turn the tap on for her.

Lilly is also some sort of karate expert/boxing kangaroo, she will sit upon her back legs and box with her front paws..this is her great party trick and has helped her to win over even the most hardened 'cat haters'

I am unsure of Lilly's provenance except to say that one day, 3 years ago, she just wandered under the gate and made herself a place both in my home and my heart.

Local rumor has it that she was seen outside the children's day care centre for quite a while and other tales have her walking the foot path outside the fruit and veggie shop....who knows? Actually speaking of tails hers is rather short (you can see it in the photos) Does anyone know why this would be? There is no obvious sign of injury and it is a splendid tail otherwise...
I just imagine that perhaps as a small kitten she did not get all the stuff she needed to grow so therefore ended up quite small in tail and stature...NOT in tummy though

Well that's all from me for now. My computer is very slow again so posting is now not so easy.....Although i just realised i am doing a days work for my brother tomorrow so i will top up my broadband then..HOORAY for brothers.

xox eve xox


ChrisB said...

I'm more of a doggy person but she looks lovely and cuddly. She knew when she had found a good home!

secret squirrel said...

CHRISB~I too have always been a doggy person and the only reason my father (the bird lover) has forgiven me for having Lilly is because i didnt buy her or go looking for a cat...Oh and because i have placed a rather large and noisy bell around her neck.

xox eve xox

Mel said...

I stumbled onto your site through blogger and kitty caught my eye since I have one as well (who sounds like she's serenading someone outside at the moment). Just thought it was highly amusing and just want to say keep it up!

theotherbear said...

Sweet kitty. I hate dogs.

Beccy said...

Before I clicked to comments I was planning to write 'I'm more of a dog person but she looks gorgeous', great minds think alike eh mum?.

Eve, she was lucky to find such a loving home with you.

Mr Axl said...

That cat is adorable.

Our Alice (R.I.P) used to do the same sitting in the bath thing. It was so cute. And hilarious. What is it with cats and running water?