Saturday, 8 March 2008


Well? I wanted my blog to be a bit bigger.And this is allot BIGGER. Isn't it?
What do you think,too big?

I really just wanted to be able to post wider pictures and so far this is how i have managed to solve it...with LOTS of help from Kinta and this site.
Just a few more adjustments here and there and hopefully,soon, i will have this place just the way i want it...

Anyway....(warning positive thinking
When i have my NEW Laptop (i have never had a lap top, let alone anything near new as far as computers go) and i am finally able to use my drawing thingy on my computer and not have to save and swap and copy and upload and download and jump and turn 3 times whilst standing on one leg holding an get the picture...THEN i will be extremely satisfied.
As my birthday is coming up soon i am putting my wish out into the collective unconscious,the ether,the miasma,the universe-
I usually do not ask for much *cough* but this time, i am.
Like a kid at Christmas time ,wishing on a star.
I believe that magic will happen.

Enough no more.
xox eve xox

P.s.- i am NOT asking for any of you to buy me one.....I'm just putting it out there...that's all...this is not directed at anyone *cough* in particular...promise

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theotherbear said...

Hmm. Eve, are we supposed to say here that we'll buy you one? I think I might buy myself one before I buy you one :)