Sunday, 3 February 2008

The Job Interview

i woke up WAY to early,like 6AM, and my interview is not till 2PM then i discovered i had my "ladies things" as alan puts it, so this day was NOT starting out as planned...

THE PLAN-Wake up at 8am refreshed and looking fantastic.
Choose clothing.Shower,dress.Train to interview.Interview.GET JOB

-Woke up at 6am.LADIES THINGS...My watch stopped.I have a zit(right before the big dance) and i am overly concerned with my eyebrows( i think i look like burt from burt and ernie)

i thought of ways i could make it ALL better i.e-all go away. I thought of calling the nice ,understanding and compassionate woman that was to do my interview and saying
"Hi could i change my interview to,like,next week cause as Alan says i have my ladies things?"
BLAHHHHH-stay tuned...
post script-i got the job pending all the relevent police checks(for those who know me...DONT LAUGH) gulp...i will let you know how it all goes
xox eve xox

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