Saturday, 22 March 2008

Outdoor Sporting Goods AND A Giant Licorice All-Sorts Woman

I was just over at Local Girls place,reading about the stuff she has just purchased,and it made me think of my own experiences with-

CAMPING EQUIPMENT... [Dramatic re-verb]

OH yes! Camping gear.

We have a HUGE sporting goods store down the road.It is so big that they have all the display tents set up inside so you can 'check em out' Plus indoor climbing and EVERYTHING else that you have ever dreamed of all in ONE HUGE ROOM!!


You go there and somehow become quite passionate (sucked in) about something you have never even done,or even thought about doing.
And you begin to feel that you simply must have that Portable, Solar, Camping Shower with camouflage accessories, complimentary toiletries and SIX precision steak knives at "No extra cost"


Last winter i ended up with a pair of purple,black and white striped thermal underwear with matching top- A
s supplied to the something-or-other Olympic team and made out of some sort of super dooper, recycled, guilt free fibre that apparently, and i quote, "breathes"

I love wearing them,as when i do i look like a very tall licorice all sort!

I must say though that they actually are incredibly toastie in a breathe-e sort of way

And don't even get me started on just how fabby-do the bicycle section is.
I have never seen so many gadgets!


So near, yet financially soooooooo far...sigh..Oh well. I still have my licorice all-sorts/Where's Wally outfit...YAY!

xox eve xox

Post Script- My,so far,all time,favorite bike gadget is my little,super dooper head light (not it's real name!)
It is my favorite because when i was looking at it in a fancy schmancy bikes only shop... The salesman approached me and started telling me all about it and the other lights that they had on display.
I asked a few questions.
He sensed that he was loosing me...AND THEN, pointing at the little head light and showing me something printed into it's sleek,black casing
He said -"It's WATERPROOF to 50 meters"


This will so come in handy when i am riding my push bike*


*also known as-"The Deadly Treadly"


Bulldog said...

Between you and me, I have a very expensive racing cycle, (which I dont use),and when I go in those shops, I buy stuff for it. I put it on, look at it for a while, then decide it only adds to the weight and detracts from the overall beauty, then I take it off again. The legnth of time I look at it, before removing it, is decided by the cost, the more things cost, the longer I'll try and justify their existence, before admiting I'm a retard!

Kitty said...

Hi ... thank you for visiting my place. I've had a rather nice time looking round yours. At last! Someone else has a cat who does that 'lying on her back with her legs in the air' thing. Mine does it all the time - and watches me closely from her upside down position.

I don't have a bicycle. If I did, I probably wouldn't need a light thing as I'd definitely never ride it underwater.

:-) x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh yeah .... I hear you on the camping gear ....

I have to remind myself every year just how much I hate camping, but it never works, and I always fall for the lure of a flowery sleeping bag or the latest compact porta-potti .... until we wake up cold and damp in a field and then I remember again HOW MUCH I HATE CAMPING!!!

.... have fun with your head-light ....


theotherbear said...

Hahaha. I have a bike that I never use. I think I need a waterproof light for it.