Monday, 28 April 2008

A Holiday (I Use The Term Loosely) and Deprivation of Nicotine.

Kinta and I went down to Narooma,on the south coast of New South Wales.
We went on a really brilliant 8 km walk and saw some beautiful coastline and countryside.
We had, what i would consider, the worst coffee in the known universe.
Now I have had bad coffee before and I usually end up drinking it,albeit reluctantly, but this coffee was soooooooo bad and hot that it did not survive after the first sip.
Oh god! I am becoming one of THOSE people...A coffee snob

Just Chillin' in the country Side.
(I think i might add a lighthouse to this picture...stay tuned)

Not Smoking is proving to be quite stressful
Check out the spelling mistakes!
This is me sprawled out on the floor having a mild conniption due to lack of nicotine.
xox eve xox

P.s. I found this fun little site (Below) over at Joy.T's place. Thanks Joy.

Also i would like to apologies for my lack of commenting. My computer is again moving slowly and attempting to comment seems to send it into a downward spiral that i think is best avoided...sooooo Fingers crossed i will be able to top up the old broadband thingy soon

Your Slogan Should Be

Between Love and Madness Lies Eve


theotherbear said...

My slogan is:
Have You Ever had a Bad Time in Amanda?
I'm somewhat stunned. And amused.

Bulldog said...

my slogan is "soaring like an eagle is fine, but turkeys dont get sucked into jet engines". Good luck with the "not smoking thing", and remember, every minute of crap you go through now, gets wasted with that first puff, I gave up last year after 25 years. Trust me, THIS TOO WILL PASS!

Secret Squirrel said...

Amanda-Yes my slogan was quite accurate,well the madness part anyway.
How was your adventure on the high seas?
I am hoping to start a course at the tafe near exciting. I thought that if it is in the evenings we could catch up.
Anyway i will let you know when i know more.
Also i wanted to apologies for my lack luster telephone manner last time we talked.i was a tad shell shocked sorry
xox eve xox

Girl Interrupted said...

Mine said ... "Smile you're in C." I think I will retry it again later when I have more time and maybe post it on my blog.

Your holiday sounds nice, too bad about the coffee. Congrats on the nicotine kick, just keep in mind your progress and that you never want to have to start the process over again. That should keep you moving forward.

Happy Monday!


Monkee Maker said...

Fab cartoons! I just LOVE your rug, dahling! Giving up the evil weed and being served a duff coffee?? No wonder you're looking like that!


ChrisB said...

There's nothing wrong with being a coffee snob! I love the cartoon!