Monday, 21 April 2008

I Saw Two Sydney Penguins Swimming in Sydney Harbour.

are they not sweet?

Yes i did...and when i said "Alan look behind you" They vanished under the water,this is because Alan is not as pure of heart as i and he does not posses awesome Svengali like powers when it comes to animals
(or people or laundry or dishes or commitment or communication etc etc)
That is all...Thank you
xox eve xox


theotherbear said...

So you were out with Alan. Are things improving between you then?


Bulldog said...

Did you p-p-p-pick one up (tha`t's what your s'posed to do with penguins)!

Secret Squirrel said...

Otherbear- well..if him acting like nothing ever happened and me not having the means to relocate anywhere else is an improvement then i guess yes is the answer to your question...but something in me has changed i guess it is all to do with trust. I do not trust that he will not do this again in the future...does this make any sense?

Bulldog- why would you do that? Why would anyone do that?

ChrisB said...

Alan - did I miss something was my first thought, then I saw your comment!
That is a cute little picture.

Fat Chan said...

Alan should be the name of the penguin on the right, he looks like an Alan, hey thanks for finding my blog way back when, it's back up again now and due to be full of lovely happiness, sorry I didn't see yours until now :( you are now on my favs list though :) YAY!!!!

theotherbear said...

Makes sense to me. I get ya.