Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I Have Confidence In Sunshine...I'm Being Sarcastic Again.

Does anyone actually like my drawings?..sigh

When I was younger my sarcasm was funny and accepted, mostly because I come from a line of sarcastic and cheeky people,BUT... as I have grown older It has sometimes been a bit of a problem...I'm sorry to say that people just do not get 'it' and I am left to explain myself time and time again....or not....

Yesterday my friend Ben called. He had just scored himself a new job,close to home,and said that I should come on down as they were looking for more people to work the floor and someone to work in the kitchen as a kitchen hand... SO... I went down there at the requested time and the Owner ,a rather Impressive Italian gentleman, asked me one question-
" 'Ave you ever worked in a kitchen before? "
It was then that the aforementioned affliction of sarcasm raised it's silly head and I said-
" Why yes! I have been in the kitchen since I was 18 "
WELL....It was then in that awful moment that I realised what I had done.The rather impressive Italian gentleman called his beautiful wife over and he announced to her that I had YEARS of experience working in kitchens (literally I do but not the type that he , and now his wife, thinks)
They were all excited, shifts were being discussed at warp speed and although I did try to explain that I would prefer to work the tables, it was no good and I was asked to return TODAY to be shown the kitchen by a little guy with a 'Kill me now' expression.
It all just happened soooooo fast. I am uncomfortable at the best of times with,let just say untruths, but this was OUT OF CONTROL and I don't like out of control.
I will let you know how it all goes. Part of me says that it can not be rocket science and I will be fine...The other part is imagining myself being coaxed out of a small cupboard by an emergency services guy with a soothing voice.

Later, at home,I told Alan and he said- "I have confidence in you"
It was then sarcasm returned and I launched into a few lines of that song from The Sound Of Music-
Come on all together now you know the words

I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that Spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in MEEEEEEEEEEE

No really, I did.

xox eve xox


theotherbear said...

Good on you! Congrats on landing a job. I'm sure you'll do great.

Bulldog said...

Dont worry darling Everybody exagerates their talents and/or experience in the service industry, and lets face it, kp work might be hard, but once youre in the swing, it can't be too complicated! you'll do fine! I'm sure! stay out the way of the chef, dont touch anything hot, and don't smile.
good luck darlin', I too have have every confidence in you!

Secret Squirrel said...

Yeah...Whats with the no smiling thing?

xox eve xox

It was o.k. and not rocket science
lots of hot pans and fabulous food
they even bake their own bread on site and sell grocerys and booze...now do I have your attention..oh and gentle Ben does a mean coffee...I was asked to return on thursday..we will see what happens

Bulldog said...

I did explain yesterday about the smiling thing, and now its gone!!!just like your comment about virtual pets, either we are not very good at this, or the interweb is conspiring against us! anyway, if ihad my own firm, I'd probly sack anyone who smiled during the first two years for laziness and general beligerance, bastards!oh by the way, I like your drawings, (specially the one at the bottom here, (please god make them like me)) reminds me of my first day at a catholic colliegiate school in Wales when I was 11 years old. incidentally also the day I became an atheist.

Secret Squirrel said...

Thank God Im Agnostic