Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sad Emo Kid.(Don't Ask Me Why) AND A Picture Of My Friend Stuart.

And this Is my wonderful,clever friend Stuart who helped me with my new Laptop (did i mention the lap top?)
His 7 year old daughter drew the most fabulous picture using my Wacom-I will post it soon.
xox eve xox


Bulldog said...

emo kid are always sad, that's what emo kids do, otherwise they wouldn't be called emo kids, they'd be called li'l bastards!

Mark said...

AWESOME: cannot come close to describing the joy of using a 9x12 Wacom tablet with a nice computer. esp. with http://www.artrage.com/

Charlie P said...

Heh heh heh- I like the picture of Stu :) The quality is definitely better on the new laptop. What type of Wacon do you use? I'm going to get one and need as many opinions as possible!

Secret Squirrel said...

It is the bamboo Fun wacom. I would of prefered the Next size up but this one is easy to transport and it comes with a wireless mouse that the bigger one didn't have.
It came with Corel 3 as a softwear bundle thingy but i prefer the simplicity of other drawing programmes.. although, Corel has some groovy stuff on it i really do not want to have to stuff around that much with effects and toooo many buttons etc
Does that help?
I asked a professional photographer friend of mine what he would recommend and he said WACOM too! So there you go,I even got you a second/experts opinion

Thanks for the email and for dropping by
xox eve xox