Friday, 30 May 2008

Too Much Coffee AND A Ladybird.

The other day Ben,Kinta and I met up for brunch-It's not quite breakfast.Its not quite lunch but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe-ANYWAY..We met,we ate and then Ben and I dropped Kinta off at her doctors appointment. At brunch Ben had 2 double ristretto coffees, after we left Kinta he had another single ristretto...WELL by the time we all met up again,lets just say, Ben was a bit WIRED and very very funny with it.
This picture was inspired by his younger brother Chris. Chris was trying out my newest batch of Copic pens and I watched, from the other side of the table, as he drew a little face and then added a speech bubble. I asked Chris what he had drawn. He said-
"It is a picture of Ben."
"What is he saying?" I asked.
Well,the answer is as above.
We all discuss Family Guy quite a bit. We have all seen every episode and sometimes get strange looks from curious onlookers as we quote classic Family Guy lines to each other. Unfortunately Ben seems to be unable to stop and eventually drives us all slightly crazy-er.
This day was no exception.
But it was such a nice day and I would not want to change a thing.
Well maybe the $185 dollar parking tickets 2 of us received. I'd change THAT!

This is the cute little ladybird that I copied from Kintas new winter pyjamas.It was sooooo cute I could not resist sharing it with you.
Go and check THIS out. I Love this guys stuff...ooooooh baby.
xox eve xox

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Bulldog said...

lady bids are not cute THEY BITE! bastards! I need to take a cold shower everytime I see the episode where peter remembers when he and lois were 18,and lois is wearing a bikini, she is sooo hot!