Saturday, 31 May 2008

My Chuck Norris Shoes.

I have wanted a pair of these silly shoes for a very long time and the other day whilst getting the $185 parking ticket, in fact at the exact same time, I decided that I would get some. I have rather large feet so this is basically the level of style I am reduced to and that suits me fine.
So, they are mine now and for some reason just looking at them makes me happy.
Small things? Small mind?
I think not. Just another example of being uplifted by the everyday.
That is all.
xox eve xox
P.s. Thanks to Bulldog for this one-
Go to Google and enter- Find Chuck Norris. Then instead of 'search' press 'I'm Feeling Lucky' and see what Google gives you!


Bulldog said...

go to google, type "find chuck norris", then press "I'm feeling lucky".

Secret Squirrel said...

that is so cool... Do you know any more of those?
xox eve xox

Bulldog said...

go to google type in "elgoog" then "i'm feeling lucky"!
go to google type "french millitary victory" then "I'm feeling lucky"
go to google type in "googoth" then "I'm feeling lucky"
go to google Type "miserable failure", then "I'm feeling lucky"
go to google type "creator of the universe" then "i'm feeling lucky"
go to google type "google l337", then "I'm feeling lucky".
that enough darlin'?

One Fine Weasel said...

shoes are coooool! just like my pink ones. enjoy!

(i will try the i'm feeling lucky thing when i'm feeling braver!)

Brooke said...

squirrel, your post is the coolest because you have a drawing. and you got an awful parking ticket to make it all the more memorable (and to make the shoes themselves more valuable--think of the trouble you went through, albeit unknowingly at the time, to get these shoes)!

p.s. I got a real kick out of the feeling lucky google activity.

Anonymous said...

ko chuck norris sih?
kan chuck taylor?