Friday, 13 June 2008

Almost My Whole Family Minus Three.

Ahhhhh the 70's. Were they not FAB ?
xox eve xox


Bulldog said...

I'm too old to remember the 70's!:-(

Bulldog said...

the more I look at this picture the more I like it, not just the subject matter, (which is obviously delightful),but also the timing and the composition,it is a nice picture. You DO look like your dad though! how's he doing?

Secret Squirrel said...

It is a nice photo isn't it...and the toy rabbit usually fools people.
Dad is much better thanks.And having him at the fabby-do private hospital here in sydney is MUCH better- for him and also for me.
He had me collect a few things for him from my mum's old place (she has altzhimers and is in the nursing home attached to the same hospital that he is in-makes visiting easy)and the first thing after nightshirts was...The BOTTLE of he MUST be feeling better.
xox eve xox

Bulldog said...

fooled me too! I just assumed it was a toy arctic hare, but now you pointed it out, the difference is obvious! good news about your old man though, that whole "flask thing" had me very worried;-)

Charlie P said...

Fab photo! Glad to hear your Dad is doing much better- I know from my Grandad that demanding whisky is a very good sign :)
I am also very excited to learn that there is such a place called 'Scone'. Heh heh heh. I want to live in Scone.

Monkee Maker said...

Ah yes - the 70's were fab, you looked much trendier than I did back in the day .... where's your orange poncho for instance? And why haven't you got a bowl hair-cut??

Sorry to read about your Dad's back injury, and glad to read that he's on the mend ... that whiskey is bound to help!


svthyme said...

Hi Eve
Love the blog! Hope Sydney is treating you well.