Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Little Holiday In The Country.

Hey everyone,
I will be heading off into the wild blue yonder for a week and I am pretty sure that there will be no Internet reception at my dad's place so I will not be able to post or read all your wondrous works.
(By "pretty sure" I mean 100% certain as I have checked...damn it!)

I will still be taking 'My Precious-es' (a.k.a-laptop) with me just in case.I am also taking a sketch book and a few pens...
I will be departing on Thursday at 10am by train and my friend Dorothy will be coming with me for some much needed rest and recreation.I will be back next week.
Until then- So long and thanks for all the fish.
xox eve xox


kinta said...

I wish I didn't have exams cos then I would have enjoyed some rest and recreation...(maybe not the same as Dorothy tho) OHHH and I wrote a new comment (10 years later) on my blog, so u must read! and comment, cos I have no friends :D


Charlie P said...

Have fun!
Your shoe drawing is great :)
I take it from a few posts below that you're coming round to Corel? Can't wait to go home and get a Wacom!