Thursday, 3 July 2008

Come And Experience The Horse Capital...

I have been staying with Dad in the country side for the last 2 weeks.He escaped from the hospital in Sydney and my sister drove us back up to his place.
I was there to catch him if he fell and generally do things that he can not.
I have become quite skilled at preparing scotch and will be adding this skill to my resume forth with.
(Dad says I am to mean with the scotch Booooo)
Today I am in Sydney to enroll in an office admin course and then I will be returning to Scone tomorrow...Phew
I have also had the flu and feel exhausted but it is nice to be home (Alan's place) amongst familiar things.
Oh I also had half my hair cut off (from my head) and the hairdresser talked me into putting a semi permanent rinse through it...BIG MISTAKE, but that's another story..
xox eve xox
p.s- hey Amanda do you want to come and have a luxury weekend in the countryside????
Just give me a call...I'm serious


Bulldog said...

why are you holding back on the scotch? for god's sake woman! have you no compassion? the man is sick!!!! glad to hear he and you are ok;-)

Secret Squirrel said...

Well....After he complained I started making them REALLY strong I would hand it to him saying-
"This is a REALLY strong one!"
"GOOD" is all he would say.

theotherbear said...

How many Amandas do you know? I'm in!

Bulldog said...

and I'm prepaired to invest in a false I.D. if it'll help?

Secret Squirrel said...

hey amanda, give me a call.
xox eve xox