Saturday, 5 July 2008

Welcome To Horse Country.

Well here I am back at Dad's place.I arrived by train on friday and was met at the station by my new friend The Talented Rhonda,her Super Speller son Ali and Bella the Beautiful Boarder Collie. It was so nice to have friendly faces to greet me even if they were all suffering from the flu that I'm sure they caught from me last week (Don't say that I never give you anything Rhonda!) The first port of call was to the cafe as i had NOT had a coffee ALL day and was, I think, suffering from caffeine withdrawal. We then went on to Dad's so that I could dump my bags and go to the loo (you really needed to know that! Didn't you?) As Dad was having his afternoon nap I knew he would be fine till at least 6 pm so off we went to the Youth Club to Paint pictures with all the kids.I love watching the kids paint they are just so amazing and last week one of them painted the best guinea pig EVER- I have made an offer of $5 for said "Guinea Pig" and I am prepared to go as high as $10 but that is my limit.The prices in the art world are crazy enough as it is without me contributing. I have Max Watters acting as my agent in these high stakes negotiations so I feel confident that the 'Guinea Pig' will be mine.Lets all just hope that the 9 year old is willing to sell. I am quietly confident.
I mentioned my hair (on my head) in the last post. Well... I decided that I would treat myself to a proper haircut-by proper I mean one that has not been done by me with the kitchen scissors in the front yard. I have not had a "proper" hair cut for 15 years so you can imagine,quite easily, that I know nothing about the 'ways' of the salon...NOTHING.
So I decided that I would simply have my eyebrow waxed (Yes, that does say EYEBROW) and then have my hair (on my head) shampooed and then trimmed...easy. Everything was going smoothly, I had braved the hot wax on the eyebrow torture (I had never had this done either) and it was not as bad as one would imagine. If anyone is going to fall in a heap wailing because of self inflicted and unnecessary pain it is me. I then had the best shampoo and conditioning head massage in the universe followed by a trim that went from about an inch to about 4 inches as my confidence grew (I was starting to get into this secret women's stuff ) It was at this exact moment, with my confidence growing and my guard down that the salon girl,somehow sensing my vulnerability, pounced...
"Would you like to put a semi permanent colour through your hair today?"
I,not wanting to appear ignorant of such things,requested more information and if possible the use of props. The nice girl explained that it would not be a permanent colour and would wash out after 30 washes. She showed me a big board with samples of coloured hair, she pointed to my blondie colour and then to another deeper colour that she thought would suit me. I remember saying that i thought that the intended colour sample looked a bit dark and she assured me that it would not be as dark as that. I asked why they would make the sample darker than it actually turned out and wouldn't they be better off making the samples match the end result... Obviously no one had ever questioned her like this before and it was right then that I should of high tailed it out of there...But I didn't. Instead I said- "O.K"
Well after this procedure was completed I was left with dark brown hair...DARK BROWN...not that there is anything wrong with that but it is just not me.
Before I had even left the salon I was enquiring as to weather me going home and washing my hair 30 times would remove this colour from my hair... Now This was the first time I had done anything like this to my hair and it will be the last.
When I was at the college signing up for my business admin course the other day I got talking to a young girl that was studying hairdressing (where was she last week?) she told me that I should know that my hair,after this stuff has washed out in 5 weeks, will not go back to its original colour completely..EVER..NOOOoooooooooooo.
Kinta's boyfriend Chris says that I now have artificial intelligence as I went from blonde to brunette.
I feel silly and just not like me anymore.
I avoid mirrors as I just end up sighing heavily and wishing it all would just GO AWAY.
Alan did not say anything for quite some time and then all he said was-
"Your eyebrows look good"
I think that about sums it up.
xox eve xox

Don't look at me


Bulldog said...

looks lovely to me darling, (although darker hair does make you look a bit pale);-). Of course your hair will grow out/fade to its natural colour! you see many ex_punks walking around with slightly pink hair? I bet they tell students that because there's more money in hair-care products than dyes.

theotherbear said...

I think it looks fantastic!
Not so sure about that very odd makeup you're sporting though :)

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