Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Start of Something.

This is the card I made for my friend Joss's birthday, she asked for everyone to make their cards.
I then started thinking about doing a painting, a painting about not being able to decide what to paint.
I just needed to buy a canvas and I'd be set...this usually leads to months of procrastination.
But... I went for a walk yesterday to get my morning coffee and there it was, a canvas, leaning against the wall in a lane way absolutely perfect condition and size.
So there you go!
As my daughter said- It was meant to be.
I'll keep you abreast (oh yeah!) of my progress.

xox eve xox

Copyright © E Jennings 2008.


Bulldog said...

How come no-one told me it was joss' birthday? is there gonna be a party? if there is, I'm prob'ly gonna crash it anyway, so tell me now and save any "unpleasentness" later.

marky mark said...

Awesome card! She will love it.

Fat Chan said...

I very much like your card, I'm a huge advocate for creating your own cards...kudos!