Thursday, 15 January 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Look what my Daughter did! Isn't she clever?
Well we were all waiting for this little girl to arrive.
My phone was ALWAYS in my hand or under my pillow waiting for the call to say she was on her way, so if I have not developed so sort of tumor I will be surprised.
I have discovered what has been going on with my neck an shoulder (another reason I have not been blogging much) I have Degenerative changes caused by an injury 10 years ago...
Another name for this, besides painful, is ARTHRITIS.
It will NEVER go away...Never!
I am having trouble accepting the "never" part.
I have started swimming again which is nice and will help with the neck.
I stopped smoking on Tuesday night...yes,yes. I know,I know..This time it's for real.
Just gotta get over that 3 day hump and I'll be right...I WILL be.
I have not been drawing much lately....the neck again.
I will be re-enrolling and continuing my business course.
My Dad will be 88 (two fat ladies!) soon...
I am fighting with a will NOT work! I have to climb up to the attic room and plug into my brothers connection if I want to do ANYTHING that needs the internet
I have been playing too much computer solitaire
Well.... that is really all I can think of to say...I could say more but it would involve lots of computer sitting and that hurts.
love to you all
xox eve xox

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Bulldog said...

The kid done good.

ChrisB said...

Congratulations grandma/granny/ what will you be called? She is beautiful.

I was swimming today the first time since before Christmas and I feel so much better. Hope it helps you.

Good luck with stopping smoking you have good motivation now with the little one.

Amanda said...

Congrats, grandma :)

monkee maker said...

Aaaaw - what a cutie!! Congrats to your daughter on becoming a mum and to you on becoming a Groovy Granny! .... hope you're ready for babysitting duties!

Good luck with beating the demon weed.