Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Follow Me Don't Follow Me.

Monday 27 July 2009
8.50 am

· It is interesting watching different people deal with someone that wants to argue, I was the one walking out of the room into another part of the house...within 5 minutes everyone was hiding with me and we laughed.

· My daughter is leaving to visit her father’s family in Western Australia. I am afraid that she will never come back.

· During my holidays all I did was look at real estate and now I am dreaming about floor plans.

· I have been tempted to return to the dark side.

· I am typing this list when I should be doing homework, laundry, drying my hair and making myself a coffee.

· My graphics tablet is not working and I cannot re install the software that would fix it, as it is buried and locked away with all my other junk at a storage unit in Camperdown.I hate storage.

Tuesday 4 August 2009
2.29 pm

· I am bored and need something, anything to happen.

· I am sick of looking at 1 bedroom flats and wish I could look at 2 bedroom houses (with a little garden would be perfect).

· My list is all complaints so far BUT my neck hurts, sorry.

· I am thankful for the friends and family that I have around me they make me laugh, give advice and they tell you that you are looking good and doing well and these are things I REALLY need to hear right now.

· I had a nice weekend with Ben, Amanda and Lili... We walked, talked and had lunch together which was lovely.

· I think I should stop writing this list as all I can think of now is more negative crap and my brain has stopped working.

I need to find my nest.

I have become numb with it all and it is all nothing.
xox eve xox

Copyright © E Jennings 2009.


One Fine Weasel said...

love the sunnies!

sorry about your neck :(

you are looking good and doing well...

trust in the process, things usually unfold as they should (even if it's crap in the meantime).

"As my daughter said- It was meant to be"

your daughter will come back because mums are best.

big hugs xxx

kinta said...

Ohh I came back! There were a few times I threatened to come back EARLIER haha.