Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Another Semester Finished.

Well, here I sit having finished all the exams and work required...what will I do with my time for the next three weeks?
I will promise myself that I will draw.
I will vow to carry my sketch book and camera around with me everywhere looking for and seizing upon those moments of inspiration...I will, I will.
I will also over indulge on facebook and blogger, I will stalk Bulldog like I used to and send messages to my favorite Weasel.
I will visit my daughter and play with my granddaughter...Oh joy.
I will read newspapers and drink coffee.
I will wish I had more money but be glad that I don't.
I will think about old friends and wonder what people are up too these days.
I will love and be loved.
I will eat the forbidden donut (10 points to anyone that knows where that line comes from)

I will be uplifted by the everyday.
You are most welcome to join me.

xox eve xox



B said...

hoorah for holidays!

the forbidden donut line is surely Homer? That's a guess. (if in doubt go for Oscar Wilde or the Simpsons).

Good luck with the stalking bulldog thing. I've been trying that for months and he's a slippery little fucker.

have fun :)

Secret Squirrel said...

good guess B you are correct.
Keep your eye on the letter box as 10 juicy points are heading your way.

xox eve xox

I will try to add to the other blog...sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Post

One Fine Weasel said...

mmmm... donuts... all that stuff sounds great but it's sure nice to be back at skool huh??! love, hugs, sunshine :)