Tuesday, 11 March 2008


For the last half hour i have been trapped at the computer table. Why? Well i think the picture is pretty much self explanatory...Ohhhh i thought, when i saw her moving at speeds that i am unaccustomed to, She has a cockroach.So i glanced casually to my left to watch her at play and there it was in all its tiny horror...A MOUSE.

Now let me just say at this juncture that as a child i kept mice and i loved them but there is something not so cute about a mouse running wildly around your lounge room/kitchen floor.

For a brief nano second ...O.K. longer....my heart went out to this ,shall we say,RODENT. It was just sooo tiny and she would chase it then stop and wait for it to recover and catch its breath and as soon as it so much as twitched a whisker they were off again whizzing around the lounge/kitchen/rodent race track. And all the while i am trapped,frozen in that t.v sitcom position,you know the one,perched on top of a chair squealing like,well like a BIG GIRL.
Then i thought that i would just not watch because no matter how many times i yelled-
"Lilly! Please just take your little friend outside to play" She just wasn't listening
(a cat not listening!!! Who would of thunk it?)
And it was then that the panic set in, not medically diagnosed panic just everyday panic along the lines of..... I will not look. But if i don't look what if it tucks itself behind the sofa and dies and then starts to smell and...and..oh the horror.
So i HAD to watch,well at least keep track of where the mouse was..you know...
So here i am still trapped and that is why, dear friends, you have the pleasure of reading this diatribe/fulmination...
What will happen to me?
Will i be trapped here FOREVER? (forever being till Alan gets home at 5PM)

Oh just die already mouse...for crying out loud..stop bunging it on.
Run away .Run far far A-W-A-Y

xox eve xox


theotherbear said...

Eve, the people over the road with a huge dirty aviary have me an expert on this. Get a shovel and just chop at the neck to kill it instantly. This is a great party trick too.

Secret Squirrel said...

Remind me,when invited, to bring my own shovel to your place...just in case
xox eve xox

ChrisB said...

Sorry to laugh but this is so funny~ not that I would be laughing if it happened to me!!

Secret Squirrel said...

Chris~It is funny... NOW

When Alan read this post he refused to believe that i was perched on the chair,he thought i had made it all up.