Friday, 14 March 2008

C.S.I Sydney and Frida Kahlo.

I am in the big smoke/city this fine morning and it seems to me that everywhere i look is some sort of crime scene.

For example the steps across from Sydney Town Hall look like people have been performing minor surgery and exuding other bodily fluids ,lets say, during the night and then it has been sort of cleaned up in a half hearted manner leaving only the tell tale stench and stains.
All you need is some police tape,creepy mood music and that glasses chewing guy from C.S.I and the picture would be complete.
[Cue theme music]

As i was waiting for the bus on Oxford street a woman walked past me. She was not tall but it was the way that she carried herself that drew my attention,sort of like if need be she could defend herself.It is hard to describe this woman without making her sound, somehow, less than she is.
I got on the bus and was trying to work out who she had reminded me of when two stops up the road she boarded my bus.It was then that i worked it out.I noticed just how much this woman looked like Frida Kahlo
Although in all fairness this woman did not have Frida's eyebrows(or should i say eyebrow?)
She was really quite tiny,although she radiated such strength.

I love people watching.
xox eve xox

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theotherbear said...

I love people watching too. And as far as the town hall steps go, somebody probably HAD left bodily fluid there.