Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Claytons Post.The Post You Post When You Really Have Nothing To Post (Try saying that fast)

Things are starting to look up

It is quite cold here this morning.I say 'quite' because i just know that some of you on the other side of the world will be saying..
"How could she possibly be cold in Australia?" OR "Cold? She does not know the meaning of cold"
Well in my defence it IS cold and even though i have been to other parts of the planet and experienced being REALLY cold i guess it is just what you are used to and,well,there is always going to be somewhere colder isn't there?

Unless of course if you live in Antarctica then there is nowhere colder , YOU WIN and i am just a whinger.

But i digress. It is cold and this has made me happy,it means that i can wear all my winter clothes and best of all my favorite scarf...i love that scarf

Oh and the winter coat i bought late last winter and did not really get to wear that much.

I am also happy as when i returned home yesterday there was a little card in the letter box that says i have an item of registered mail at the post office...now this is a complete mystery to me and could possibly turn out to be something totally lame BUT I'm excited anyway.

Oh and Ben is coming over to drive me to said post office,and spending time with Ben is lots of fun and always makes me happy.

I am uplifted by the everyday.

xox eve xox

P.s. I also learnt a new word. It is,Drum roll please... Crapooping. Find out more over at monkee makers place

And i must thank Weasel for the picture
Thanks Weasel,your sooooo Fine.
Oh and Natile Dee for drawing the said picture

click here for cold jokes

Just to let you know the registered post thingy was NOT for me but for my daughter Kinta...so that was EXTREMELY LAME...lame for me ...but now i am excited for kinta and can not wait for her to get home and open it...perhaps there is chocolate in there...maybe
AND the trip to the post office with Ben and the coffee afterwards was lots of fun..Thanks Ben xox


Bulldog said...

that's not cold! it was so cold here, my wife put her hands in her OWN pockets!

Secret Squirrel said...

boy that is freakin cold :o)

ChrisB said...

Now did you have frost on the roof like we did last night~ that's cold and it's supposed to be spring!!

Glad you had fun but sorry the package wasn't for you!

One Fine Weasel said...

don't thank me thank the wonderful natalie dee!


i used to whinge about how cold NZ got in the winter, then i came back to the uk and realised i never once had to scrape ice off my car, not even in 'blisteringly cold' Wellington.

"I am uplifted by the everyday" - that, my friend, is lovely...

hugs! xxx

Monkee Maker said...

Hmm. I'm not sure you'll be finding my child-friendly swearing in the Oxford English Dictionary anytime soon ....

... hope you warmed up and I hope that next time the package is for you!


Manoute said...

I've just realised today that you left a comment on my blog last month!
Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the late reply...
Enjoy your winter clothes.

theotherbear said...

It has been my fault it's been cold. I just returned from 2 weeks on Amanda & Simon's yacht. That is why it has rained non stop and been freezing for the past 2 weeks.

Secret Squirrel said...

well THAT explains it....

xox eve xox

Secret Squirrel said...

well THAT explains it....

xox eve xox