Monday, 1 September 2008

The Concentrating Cowboy.

Things have been a bit, well, sad and happy, hectic yet settled. It is hard to talk about so explaining it is impossible.

My course has been going well and i am enjoying it.

Dad is getting better and is down to visit the Dentist, so I will be dropping by today to give him a hand with some shopping, bed making and taxi getting.

I made a t-shirt of the "Ben has had too much coffee" picture and to my surprise people have asked about it, read it and related and asked me where I got it...

Soooo I have decided to make another of this little fella'

he will end up looking like this-


that's all from me for now...

xox eve xox


Bulldog said...

I actually thought your monkey drawing would make a great t-shirt!

Secret Squirrel said...

Good Idea....What size are you?

ChrisB said...

You are very creative

Bulldog said...

3 man, (I wear tents).

Secret Squirrel said...

Chris- Thank you xox eve xox

Bulldog- No,really what size? Is that XL, XXL What?
xox eve xox

marky mark said...

Good on you SS! Fame at last!
You forgot something though - Copyright © Secret Squirrel 2008.
Don't forget about us when you're in your ivory tower making multi million dollar deals with Sportsgirl and Katies, will you?
hugs x

Bulldog said...

I'm probably about half way between the two (one and a half xvL??? I always take the labels off my clothes when I get them, (to confuse the enemy), so I cant be sure! I am 6 foot, and about 220 pounds, or 1.81cm. and 100kg. brain tissue is heavier than fat.
why don't you e-mail me the file and I'll get on done? then you can tell you mates in college that your designs are worn in europe!