Friday, 5 September 2008

What's It All About? (Just a Note)

Can someone please tell me why the most looked at picture on my blog?
I mean, come on!
If you have your doubts look at the Feedjit thingy in my side bar, go to the bottom of it and click on "Watch In Real Time" or just look at all the people that have arrived via Google Images and MY picture of an "Emo Kid"

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As this is troubling me soooo much I may just go and look at myself in a mirror and cry... LOTS... whilst applying thick black eyeliner all around my eyes and possibly even my lips and eyelids... All the while listening to really depressing music.
You know I'll do it...I will.
Don't try to stop me.

xox eve xox


Bulldog said...

I bet loads of people search google images for something with the words "emo + kid", I hope that's the case, because "ugly people" is the most common picture that people google to end up at my place! and think YOU feel "emo", kid!

Bulldog said...

"fluffy" is NOT a good word when used to describe loud-speakers, (unless they actually are fluffy loud-speakers, then it's a matter of taste).